If you have found your way to this website you could be trying to help a family member, friend or maybe even trying to find answers for yourself. It does not matter if you are male/female, young or old.

Take a few minutes to listen to why this website was created, rest assured that nothing will ever be for sale, nothing ever advertised, no personal details ever requested. You may ask so what’s the angle? The answer is there isn’t one.

Who I am is not important but what I say could be, so I will be straight to the point. When I took one drink I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop, same with drugs. I stopped dozens of times but couldn’t stay stopped. I changed drinks, friends and venues. I told myself I would start drinking later, I would stop after 4 drinks, I would not drink after 11:00pm, I would only drink Friday and Saturday, but in the end I could never control it.

I lost friends, jobs, financial confidence and my reputation was in tatters. But don’t dare blame drink or drugs, it was because of my circumstances, I was different, I was a complex human being, no one understood, but in reality I had become a drunk. I had no control whatsoever with any substance mind altering whether it be drugs or alcohol. I felt like a square pin in a round hole continuously trapped in thought, frightened, confused, despair, wishing I was dead but wanting to be alive to read about it in the papers the next day, desperately wanting to stop giving promise after promise to myself and anyone else who would listen, but to no avail the misery continued.

I am now going to keep it simple, there came the answer; I was introduced to a twelve step programme that changed my life. I have listed a number of 12 step fellowships on this website; if you are anything like me what have you got to lose by looking.

Although I have had them all listed on the same page for easy navigation they are not affiliated in any way with each other. What I found amazing was that these 12 step programmes are not allied with any sect, domination neither endorse nor oppose any causes, there are no leaders only trusted servants with their primary purpose (to help others) to stay clean and sober and try to pass on what has been given freely to them.


Click on an image to hear one of the 5 minute shares from people who have benefited from the twelve step programmes. Whether you choose to listen to a share, or visit one of the twelve step programmes listed all I can say is my life has been changed beyond my wildest dreams and if it can work for someone like then it can work for anyone (you).

I wont wish you luck because I don’t think luck comes into it, to put it simply nothing changes if nothing changes.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I believe if you are anything like me, you have too the first giant step to recovery, by accepting maybe, just maybe, alcohol or drugs may be the primary problem.

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